Completing the Information Design

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Representing the Consulting Group Itself

We shouldn’t forget that the consulting group itself needs to be represented as an information component.information component for Consulting Group showing attributes and sample data There is only one instance of this.  It is a jumping off point for information about projects and practices.  For the present discussion, we just show a single description attribute.

Defining The Relationships Between Components

With the specifications for the information components in place, all that is needed to complete the information model is to add in the relationships full information model for consulting group microsite showing entities, attributes, and relationships Just as we provided illustrative instances for the information components, we can do the same for the relationships. For the Project to Practice relationship, we might have

  • the Retail project used our Software Development practice
  • the Federal Government project used our Software Development and UX practices.

For the Practice to Project relationship, we might have

  • the Software Development practice was used in Federal Government and Retail projects
  • the Organizational Change Management practice hasn’t been used in any projects.

Note that while every project uses one or more practice, not every practice needs to have done a project.  This is good to know; it tells the UX designer early in the process that there is an edge case that needs different treatment. Next Steps This completes our information model for now. The next sections show how we can represent this information in a variety of user interactions.

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