UX Puzzles for the Brainy

The puzzles
UX Puzzles

These puzzles are a recreational way to learn powerful experience design concepts. From time-to-time, we publish a small UX challenge, with pointers on how to approach it.

A few days later, we will publish our response to the challenge. There is no such thing as the “right answer”, just more or less well-thought-out answers. If you disagree with our response, that’s fine. We are all participants in a design activity, with different points of view for generating and evaluating ideas.

Who they are for

These puzzles are for anyone who can help design a product.  You don’t have to be “designer”, you just have to know something about the users you are building a product for.

You may be a product manager, business analyst, information architect, user experience architect, or visual designer. You may be in sales, customer support or marketing.

Either way, these puzzles will introduce you to some key concepts in experience design and give you practice in applying them. You will grow your design skills and combine them with your own distinctive knowledge, to be able to participate effectively in design meetings and reviews.

The scope

This material is accessible to all business stakeholders. It considers users’ goals, strategies and how they affect the solutions we design. It does not cover visual treatment, typography, or copy. It does not cover web development.

These puzzles are based on the material in our series Experiencing + Architecting Information. This series will give you a more systematic approach to experience design.