Maturing your Experience Design

UX PuzzlesOur mission is to help individuals, teams, and organizations make better user experiences. We do this by addressing both knowledge and process maturity.

Knowledge Maturity: Experience Design Framework

We provide an extremely powerful set of approaches integrated into a coherent framework. You will learn:

  • new insights to extend and enrich your design awareness
  • precisely which insights are most valuable at a particular project stage
  • world class tools and thought processes that you can unleash immediately

This material will benefit anyone on current product design teams, for skills enrichment, and by providing a common set of tools and approaches that can integrated into existing design processes.

Examples of this approach: Experiencing + Architecting Information

Process Maturity: Design Thinking for User Experience

We package our experience design insights into a design thinking delivery framework that can be used by designers and non-designers alike. You will learn:

  • how to generate and evaluate multiple design ideas through guided exploration
  • how to tap into the insights of “non-designers” throughout the design process
  • practical tools and thought processes for team collaboration

This material will benefit organizations who want to reap the benefits of a design thinking approach but don’t know how it applies specifically to experience design.

Examples of this approach: UX Puzzles for the Brainy

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