A Bad Cross-Channel Experience

I had a bad cross-channel experience a few days ago, and believing that we learn from bad examples as well as good, thought you might be interested.

I have a problem with my back, bad enough sometimes that I tend to notice when a possible benefit floats by.  So I was intrigued by a radio ad that said back pain could be caused by postual misalignment causing inflammation, and that rather than just treating the inflammation, work on the postural alignment.  Or something like that.  Enough to make me want to check their website.

So I went to the web site, did the two-second scan, and, whoa, where was the word postural? Nowhere.  I scanned other pages. I checked the url as I remembered it. I googled “posture back pain <my home town>” to see if I’d misremembered the URL – I hadn’t.  I dropped out of their sales funnel.

So what could have been done to help me realise that the radio ad and the web site were part of the same cross-channel experience? Obviously have content somewhere on the site relating to posture.  Or maybe the same spokesperson, Dr. Baxter here. But what about some mention of the radio ad on the web site, a little call out saying As heard on radio station ABCD for example.  Or maybe a chance to listen to the radio ad Listen to our recent radio ad about posture.





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