Designing Information Rich Systems

Hands-on Information Architecture Skills

Are you a Unicorn, or merely an information architect, business analyst, user experience specialist, or solutions designer?

Our material Successfully Designing With Information is aimed for you. Drawing from information architecture (information analysis, modelling and design, metadata) and user centered design (user and business goals, personas, usability testing), it uses real-world examples to show how to apply the techniques.

Information Architecture Insights

Are you a product manager, solutions sponsor or visionary?

The following material is aimed at you.

  • Modern IA Course - how information architecture is changing, information modelling, linked data and the semantic web, and user centered design
  • Modern Search Course - modern insights on search behaviours that will enrich the way you design search experiences; includes models of searching, information scent, integration search results with user tasks, and more.

Coaching and Consulting

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we are available for instructor-lead training and consulting.  See  Foundational Skills in Information Design for a typical course summary. Contact us at

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