Insights From A Practicing Information Architect

Practical advice, principles, and lots of examples about designing information so that it can be found, shared, and (re)used, from a consulting information architect.

The material has proven useful to project sponsors and visionaries, as well as specialists such as information architects, business analysts, user experience, and solutions design specialists.

Much of it is presented as mini-courses:

  • Modern IA Course - how information architecture is changing, and key tools and techniques to help your clients create, manage, use, and share information
  • Modern Search Course - modern insights on search and the person searching that will enrich the way you design search experiences.

A mini-course on SharePoint is in the works.

We are available for instructor-lead training and consulting in these areas, for people who are responsible for designing information-rich systems but need reassurance on how to do so.  See  Foundational Skills in Information Design for a course summary.

If you are curious about the name, click here.

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