Free user experience design course for Calgary Rainforest

Hi, fellow Calgary Rainforesters!

My name is Martin Stares.

I’m an expert in user experience design, but more importantly, an expert in explaining it to other people. My goal is to help businesses design products and services that really do serve their users.

Many people think that user experience is about interface and layout.

But in my world, we focus on the big decisions you need to make throughout the entire product design cycle.

  • we get a deep understanding of users to generate many product ideas
  • from these, we choose a coherent functional subset
  • we build a successful product; this is based what success looks like to the user, but also what failure looks like

So this is my approach to user experience design. In my opinion, these are “must have” skills, not “nice to have” skills.

To help Rainforest members see if they agree, I have put up a free three week online course introducing the approach. It is a condensed version of our more intensive training. Each week covers one of the following lessons.generating-ideas

conceiving-products  making-successful products

Because the material is based on understanding users rather than technology, it is suitable for anyone involved in the product design process who knows something about your users, whether “designer” or “non-designer”.

Here is the link to the course

Good designing!