UX Puzzles for the Brainy

The puzzles
UX Puzzles

These puzzles are a recreational way to improve your product design chops. Once a week, we publish a small UX challenge, with pointers on how to approach it.

A few days later, we will publish our response to the challenge. There is no such thing as the “right answer”, just more or less well-thought-out answers. If you disagree with our response, that’s fine. We are all participants in a design activity, with different points of view for generating and evaluating ideas.

Take a look at our list of puzzles.

Who they are for

You may be experienced or a newbie. You may be a product manager, business analyst, information architect, user experience architect, or visual designer.

You want to grow your skills and make sure that your contribution is relevant and well thought-out from a user point of view.

The scope

We focus on structure and function. We consider users’ goals, strategies and knowledge to get the right foundations and shape for the solutions we build. We do not cover visual treatment, typography, or copy.

These puzzles are in the spirit of the series Experiencing + Architecting Information. This will give you a good idea of our level and approach.