Future-proof design thinking for experience architects

Certain design approaches from UX and IA have proven their value across generations of technology and solution type.  Most people involved in solutions design know some of these, but not many know all of them.  Check for yourself.

Design approaches covered
  • Why you need to look at solutions like a user AND an architect
  • Three user considerations that will guide you at every stage of your design process
  • Master questions that will unlock the hidden information structure of any solution
  • The power of mapping information for better scoping, solutioning and innovation
  • Three important things to ask when designing organization and categorization schemes
  • How to systematically generate UI possibilities from your information map
  • The power of thinking in terms of places rather than pages, and why users will love you for it

This training will equip experience architects and other design team members with new skills and thought processes needed to make solutions with a high degree of business and user acceptance.

Check out Experiencing + Architecting Information for course outline and PDFs.

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