For Content Strategy Meetup April 22nd

Hi Everyone

Here is a sneak preview of some infographics on the topic of information analysis.

This topic deals with identifying the different information components inherent in an UX artefact such as a web page, site, or document. Once we have taken the artefact to pieces, we can see more clearly how to put it back in different ways, perhaps for different users, or mobile, or in a content strategy setting.  Information analysis truly is a foundational skill for designing information-rich systems.

Any feedback of any kind is welcome.  Except for the poor quality of the images – I was having technical problems getting PDFs (crisp) into WordPress.

FYI, this is part of upcoming materials on designing with information, for use in self-study or classroom settings.  If you want the remainder of this set of infographics when they are ready, or samples of the training that goes with them, drop me at note at .

See you Wednesday.



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